Has anyone tried these yet?

Being a Addi addict I was thrilled to find this. However I have learned from the past about interchangeable needles and the issues with the joins. I like Knit Pick Options because of the smooth join and the fact that I was able to buy a the tip and cables individually to test them out before buying the whole set. I love my Addi's but I am nit sure if I am ready to commit to a whole set of their interchangeable without being able to test them out. Has anyone tried these yet?

I am still plugging away at the lace shawl and will post a picture after I have finished more rows.


I have not tried them. But I admit, I love working with addis! I am curious as well.

I do not think that these have officially hit the market yet.

I also love my Knit Picks options and have never had any issues with the joins. From reading about these Addis, it looks as if the join is the sames as/similar to the one that the Denise Interchageable, and I have heard of people having trouble with those.

Another thing that kinda deters me is the price...the Denise are around 50 USD, and the Knit Picks Options are very cles to that price. The Addis are 149 USD...

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I use Denise Needles
They are a lot less expensive but if you like the stainless steel tips i would say these are the ones. What i like best about Denise however is that you can join the cables together to make any length you want, You can put button locks on the cables to make them stitch holders. There are so many ways to use them that i would have a hard time with all the sweaters i make to not have all the options. Yes the joins are tough on some needles. If they screw in they will unscrew and with Denise they click in with a half turn so you can unclick them. You need to learn to never twist your stitches to move them but simply push or pull them straight down the needles. Check out the Denise at http://www.knitdenise.com/ . I think they are close to $50 a set as opposed to $140.00.

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I've ordered my set from Webs, but from what I understand, they will not be available until October or November.
I have Densie, but I do not care for them at all...something about plastic is unappealing to me.


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Metal, Bamboo, Plastic?

Everyone has the material they love to work with. I actually like plastic because it slips like metal when working and i like the wool to slide easily but it isn't as cold as metal and doesn't weigh as much or make the noise. Everyone to their own.

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certain yarns seem to ask for a particular kind of needle...so I use all types of needles....

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I love Addi's but I also love the convenience of my Denise set. It is great if you are knitting ribbing on one size and then have to move up a size..all you do is change the needle tips no more transferring stitches off to another needle. The one thing that I don't like about the Denise needles are that the needle portion seems to be longer than the needle portion found on other circular needles. It is fun to experiment and use all types of needles it;s just tactile pleasure!

I am waiting for a friend to get hers and test them out, my biggest concern is the join. I like wood needles, especially my DPN's but knit primarily with Addis. I did order a couple of the Knit Picks laminated needles to test out with some new cashmere blend lace yarn that I will be distributing and selling. I will have some more info about that as soon as I get some samples knitted up with it and I get the web site finished.