Survivng Ike

Hi all - greetings from Houston. I was very lucky with the Hurricane - it went right though the city but I didn't get any flooding or damage - parts of the city were really hit hard. I was able to get out yesterday and the damage in the area is substantial. I lost my electricity on Friday night and it's still not up and running. They think it could take up to two weeks to get the power back. The weather has been forgiving so the loss of Air Conditioning is not so bad, and I have a gas stove so I can cook and make coffee(I'd die without coffee).

So what do you do as you sit with your candle and radio? - You knit. Thank goodness for this hobby - I think I would have lost my mind just sitting in the dark house. So far I finished a scarf, small wrap, and two sets of slippers. I'm dipping into my stash for projects that I have put off for a long time.

I drove by my LYS and they were all boarded up so I hope that she faired well at her location.

I hope my fellow Houston MWK neighbors are ok and doing well.


That's great that you missed all/most of the damage. As far as electricity free time, isn't knitting great that way. If your LYS didn't flood, then there won't be any dirty yarn on sale. That's good for them.

Do you know if FEMA has made a disaster declaration for the area or did they decide the damage to individuals and businesses is too small? Also, what do you know about the refineries? I haven't heard anything in the news, and I guess no news is good news.

Personally I'm thinking there wasn't much, if any, damage and when the speculators realized that, it precipitated the stock market crash as all the money mongers bailed out.


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Cyberchip - not sure what you would call much damage if any. Galveston island is completely under water and 20,000 people are stranded. 2.1MM people are without electricity, thousands are without water or sewage. FEMA is here and Bush even came to visit today to assess the damage. There are food banks set up by FEMA all over the city down to galvestion. We are on kurfew from sundown to sunup due to looting. Lines around the gas stations are hours long. Grocery stores are running on Generators and have no perishables. And yes it will definitely effect the gas refineries - they are still not online and the ship channel may be blocked due to the debris. Do you watch the news - I think saying there wasn't mush damage is insulting to someone living through this.

Apologies... First of all, I was talking about where you lived, I thought you were on the lucky side of the hurricaine. Didn't know you were in the middle of it. It's possible to be 20 miles from total devistation and get nothing, or at least very little. Depends on where you are... And I knew of the damage, but hadn't heard anything on the refineries. BOCTAOE! It's really amazing people's propensity for intentional misunderstanding. I thought it was pretty clear I was talking about you and your LYS, and refineries in general.


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Perhaps you should think before you type. These "propensities for intentional misunderstadnings" seem to follow you on this web site. Did you ever consider it might be you and not the 2000 members on this site?

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Glad to hear you made it through OK. Looking forward to seeing the "Ike Projects".



Eric: What a horrible mess things are down your way! I hope for the best for the folks who are now trying to figure out what is left and what to do. Very glad you, and hopefully, yours, are alright. Keep us posted as to the recovery, would you? Take care, Jim.

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Glad to hear you're okay. I have been thinking about you as I've been hearing from my family who live in Houston and the Bay Area.

My Mom and Step Dad were very lucky. At least one neighbor across the street from them will have to bulldoze and start from scratch. Mom's first floor flooded, but it was storm surge so it's dry now (if you count ruined wet carpet and furniture dry). They also have gas to cook with and make coffee; as well as a generator to run the fridge and freezers. Luckily their freezers were dry, and they were able to save the food since they got back home on Sunday. Their boat was probably destroyed and nothing of it has been found yet.

My Dad's bay house had a some wind damage and a few inches of water in it. Nothing catastrophic. Happily his boat survived in tact.

My brother is in one of the lucky few that has power, so he's been able to email us with updates. He works downtown, and hasn't seen his office yet, but reports are that it's okay.

Hurricanes suck. I lived through Alicia which hit Houston in '83 and a few bad tropical storms since including Allison in 2001 which destroyed the rehearsal space, the entire library and the offices of the Houston Symphony where Mom had worked for 18 years. It is difficult for folks who have never lived through a storm to understand the realities a survivor faces The world is completely surreal for a very very long time and "normal" seems an eternity away. Individuals may be lucky to have phone, or power or some other "luxury" like a generator or ice, but everyone has some kind of lack or another. It can bring out the best in some (like neighbors who host a bonfire on the beach one night to a) burn off some debris and b) have some fun in the bleakness. Unfortunately it can also bring out the worst--looting, stealing, fighting over day-to-day necessities like food, gas etc.

My prayers are with my home city and its residents, and I mourn the destruction of Galveston, where I have many fond memories of beach trips, fine seafood and the incomparable"Dickens on the Strand" Christmas festival. I hope recovery is swift.


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog "I heard nothing on the news?"There was nothing but disaster in the news, every channel had the headlines of the devastation, Galveston was under water ,Galveston is not habitable, no electricity, sewers, gas, a city of 60,000 told to leave the city. The city will not recover if at all for at least one to six months that's right there in the middle of fall/Winter and the Storm season is not over yet. Thousands of people are homeless I guess that is very catastrophic to say the least. No electricity so all the meat will rot, no milk for babies, hospitals inundated with sick, injured and dying, that sounds catastrophic to me. I hope all of you come out of this stronger and get the help you guys need. My family is from Puerto Rico and even though the houses are concrete, the blow to the local economy after a hit like that is terrible. There will be billions of dollars in damage "The Stock market realized there was no damage?" Are you kidding me, How could they not see it? I am glad that you are well. I don't know where CyberChip lives, but it must be in a different part of America than the rest of us lives in! Houston got hit bad as well !

Andy, you have to back off a bit... I heard nothing on the news (about the refineries) which is of course, what I was talking about. I lived in MS just outside of N.O. in a little town called Picayune during one Hurricaine, I forget the name... oh yeah. Katrina, and we, where we lived in Picayune, got very little damage while all around to the south and to the west was total devistation and one place I used to go to a lot (Waveland) was wiped off the face of the earth. So... ease up will you... there are always exceptions. B(ut) O(f) C(ourse) T(here) A(re) (O)bvious (E)xceptions! BOCTAOE!


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I'm sorry if this is out of line.....
In the 6 months I've had the good fortune to be members of this community (look at that word... community), I've seen a group a great people (mostly men, but....) supporting and enjoying each other.
OK,we've all got some disagreements, that's fine, but couldn't we keep this web space the utopia that we all long for- supportive, friendly, color-blind, preference-blind, etc?
I'm just seeing a few bright, articulate, and talented knitters spending WAY too much time sniping instead of celebrating the craft that we all love....
I apologize in advance for anyone I've just offended.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog It will not happen again , I will make sure of that!

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Good Idea - it just seems as though Cybership types before he thinks and that creates poor goodwill among the group.

Last I heard in the news, most of the refineries were beginning to ramp production back up, only limted by supply and employees. The plants never really shut down, and most of them make their own power, so that is not an issue either (in fact, Texas has a co-generation law requiring the utilities to buy back (at market rates) the plants excess power). One of the plants (north of Surfside) had an issue with a suspected Chlorine leak on Sunday, but it ended up being a false alarm.

There is billions of dollars in property damage, and who knows how many dead or seriously injured (primarily due to ignoring the mandatory evac order). Many of the pictures that I have seen of the low-lying costal areas rival the damage from Katrina. Granted, it is not as widespread, and the strom surge on the bad side was nowhere near the 30-35 feet that Katrina had, but it packed a mighty wallop for a small storm.