Knitivity - Houston Area Indie Dyer

I have purchased yarns in the past from Knitivity ( He is an independant dyer of custom yarns who set up shop in Houston after he was devistated by Katrina in New Orleans 3 years ago, and now he gets hit by Ike. As of today he is still without power, and having a hard time, so I'm just spreading the word about his great yarns to try and help him out. Have a look.




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Ray has some fantastic colourways; custom dyes; and I usually get an order filled faster then from most places - even though he doesn't dye until he recieves the order!!!!

Prices aren't bad either!


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OMG...I read his journal from Katrina and was thinking about him along with my own family members in TX. I can not believe that he fell victim to another hurricane. Luckily my family is further west and did not receive the full impact of it. The damn storm moved right out of TX and head straight for me in MI! we had over 36 hour of rain and flooding. I hope his power is restored soon and all is well with him. My thoughts and prayers are with him and all who suffered Ike.