Fall Hats Within Reach

Knitting has changed my life in a lot of ways. I apologize if the concetration has been challenged, but as an adult I will make the change needed not to walk a different road, but to focus on the Craft of Knitting. I am starting my Fall Hats and the Christmas / Holiday Season' Hats. SOme of them Crochet, most of them Knitted. When doing two Colors or doing colorstranding I have to go one or two sizes up my regular needles so that the gauge is relax enough. Once I am about 3 inches making the hat, from the bottom up I try it on, just to make sure it fits me and the stitches look relaxed. The picture above is not the current gauge. I did have to go up another needle size to make sure the hat was sitting on comfortable.

I got a lot of inspiration from this Lady on Ravelry from Denmark , I bought a little booklet e-book from

Ravelry Pattern Page

Ruth's personal Site

Her patterns are great and she even includes charts in the back for you to create your own charts for hats. Thanks for stopping by!


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I feel like I'm way too old to be focused on people or things the disrepect who I am, so I'm glad to see your focus on knitting.

I will have to check out this eBook, because I consider you to be the king of knitting hats, so if you thought it was useful, it must be so.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog Thanks Joe, I think COlor Stranding is one of my favorite ways of knitting!