My first entry

This is where I will keep the details of my knitting projects and photos as well.

A little background for all who will read this, I started knitting about 2 months ago, after I lost my job.  I wanted to learn something that would keep me busy and occupy both sides of my brain.  One day, I saw a Learn to Knit kit that teaches how to knit cat toys at Target.  It came with a video and everything you need to make a few cat toys.  I have enjoyed knitting a lot so far, and I'm glad to have found a community of other men who are into it as well.

So far, I can only knit and purl in the English-style.  I can do simple increases & decreases, although I'm having trouble making the "invisible" increase (mine are plainly visible).  I have made all 3 of the cat toys the kit taught me (the fish, the mouse & the ball) and I started knitting dishrags. 

Attached are photos of:

    • my first project, a fish-shaped cat toy.
    • a recent cat toy, the ball.  The kit tells you to braid the tail, but that made an awful mess in my opinion.  Instead of casting off as the pattern told me, I just decreased down to one stitch and transferred to a crochet needle to make the tail.  This worked out a lot better for me, and it's the first cat toy that I made that my cats actually play with! This could be because it is stuffed with a catnip pouch, instead of fiberfill.  This is why it's more egg shaped than spherical.
    •  my most recent project, a four-heart dishrag.  I tried several dishrags until I got one right.  This one is not quite perfect, maybe the next one will be my first perfect project.
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Jeff - Welcome to the group!  I think those cat toys are great - very practical.  Now, you've got the knitting bug just like the rest of us!  It sounds and looks like you've got the basics down and now it's all about practice.  As for that "perfect project" - I'm still searching for mine!  Cheers, Jesse 

I've got knitting fever in the worsted way.

Never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cozy, doesn't try it on.  ~Billy Connolly

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Welcome...welcom to the group and you are doing a great job. My first project was a pair of socks on dpn. I got through the project and then put the needles down, then tried a dishcloth, got bored with that and again put the needles down. I picked up the kneedles and again this summer after reading the Book Stich N Bitch, have been knitting ever since. Knit a few scarves for my daughter and a schal for my wife, and have just finished a pair of socks for myself, and have started another pair for my wife. I love knitting and it helps me to relax.

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Hey Jeff,

 Glad to see that another guy has knitting fever!  I would never have thought to make cat toys, our "boys" would love them.