MWK Scarf Exchange

New to posting and posting photos as well. Hope this works okay... LOL

Here's my scarf exchange scarf that I made. It's a reversible cable done in Noro Silk Garden colorway 267 B.

My buddy just got it and loves it. (I hope he does!)

Still have to post my BEAUTIFUL from my buddy... and YES!!! Rick, I love it.

Cheers All,



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As the lucky receipient of this BEAUTIFUL scarf... I can't wait for this weekend when my partner and I are going to try and take our own artful photos of the scarf to show it off! The cables are great... completely reversible... and the length is wonderfully ample for a 6'04" tall guy like myself! AND - the added bonus pack - Gino included two additional skeins of the Noro for any accent projects I might want to do and a half dozen packets of Eucalan Wool Wash!

THANK YOU, GINO!! I am spoiled. The scarf is beautiful... the craftsmanship is commendable... I love it!

p.s. I keep checking the box you sent me for the keys to your apartment in Prague but I can't seem to find them?? :-)

Cool cool cool...

Really glad you like the scarf!!! The keys, shoot, did I forget to put them in the box? Next time promise!


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Beautiful scarf, I really like the colors. I'm making one like that in blue/red/gray for my daughter.