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I have one other blog, but no one ever reads it, so I wonder...what's the point? LOL

Just some thoughts on my job. I do technical support for a company, and when I started back just over a year ago I had high hopes for moving up Up UP! I love my mostly-boring, easy as cake (to me) job, and that's not sarcasm. After three years of in-home visits for mental health work, I threatened my old coworkers that I would leave and take up a job that had me sitting at a desk, blinking mindlessly at a computer, driving nowhere, and having minimal face time with the public. They told me I'd get bored, but I said FUCK IT! and went for it, and even though the job is boring by comparison, I am thoroughly relieved I have it.

My original supervisor was great. Just about the time when I was finally getting close to being eligible for other responsibilities like mentoring new-hires, doing Quality Assurance ("peer monitoring"), and getting advance certification in our products, my supervisor announced that he took a new position in the company and two weeks later he was gone! Since the supervisor is the only way to get to those additional responsibilities, I was stuck for the time being. Then we only had some day-shift supervisors alternating taking care of our team for a few weeks. Then we were magically on our own for another couple of weeks before we were randomly assigned as temporary wards of the two other 2nd-shift supervisors (who are over completely different departments). That went on for about two months or so until we FINALLY got a new supervisor...hired in from outside. Now, I'm fine with that, but that means he did not know me OR how to initiate the process of adding me those recommendations. In the meantime, the lack of leadership had pushed some of our team members to put in for other shifts or teams. Then our two-month-long temp. supervisor was the epitome of "micromanager" and thus another bundle of our team departed. In the end, our team of 20+ was whittled down to a mere 6. At that time, my new supervisor finally figured out how to start the process of getting me advanced certified...only WHOOPS! The maximum number of advance cert. positions on any given team equals no more than 20% of the number of reps. on that team. As a result, no spots were open.

But now the good news! All at once, everything changed. Suddenly four new-hires were plopped down in our team (trained by day-shift reps since only two of us on the team are trained to be mentors). Then one of our old teammates came back from the team he'd left us for. Then they hired on three more people. So I was officially submitted for consideration for advance certification (haven't heard back on that yet).

Then the peer monitoring/QA group has been closed for new-additions for nearly half a year but they finally announced an opening for four spots in our department (regardless of shift), and I was submitted for consideration for that.

Finally, the next step in getting closer to the "Senior Representative" status (along with the accompanying $1.25/hr raise) is to take the leadership training class which seems like it's offered about as frequently as the county offered self defense classes FOR MEN: practically never. But I was submitted for attendance whenever the next one rolls around.

*sigh of relief*

I was beginning to grow despondent, but now I can breathe a little more easily. :-D

One of the new-hires is way cute...and dating one of my old co-workers who abandoned us for our other call-center location. She says he's not cute; that he's "white trash." LMAO I can feel the love.

Also, I love mentoring because I basically end up making people do my work for me while I sit there and knit. Ha!

Okay, it's not QUITE like that, but...you get the drift. ;-)


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Now that you have started your story, you will have to continue at a future date and tell us....do you get promoted.... do you date a cute co=worker and etc. Good reading, I enjoyed.

Sounds like everything truly is falling into place. That is a wonderful feeling.

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13 years ago I left an "on the road" technician job for a "sit at the desk" job - and I haven't gotton tired of the sitting yet!

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

I thought this was going to be another YSP, but I'm wrong. There's a lot of hope in there and it seems as though things are getting better. I look forward to reading chapter 2!

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Well....YAY for you....I'm doing my happy dance right now...be glad you can't see it!

'Why are you weeping? Did you imagine that I was immortal?'

'Why are you weeping? Did you imagine that I was immortal?'

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Be careful what you wish for.

Or else be very specific in details of what you are asking for, because the Universe will present exactly that for you.