Southeastern knitting get together

I read about all the knitting gatherings around the country but none in the southeast. Is there anyone interested in getting a group together for a meeting ? I am in NC, so could include Florida, Sc, Ga, and etc. Would like to get a group together.


That sounds like a great idea. And, fwiw, my wife and I love Asheville, any excuse to hang around the mountains!


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there's a website to help get the men's knitting retreats started:

also, if you're on ravelry, there's a grou called Men's Knitting Retreats where they are working on organizing different events :)



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Count me in I am in Florida. I was just in SF 2 weeks ago so I can not possibly talk the partner into another Left Coast ticket for the Fall Retreat.

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I'm in North Carolina and I'd be interested.

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me too! me too!
Atlanta here