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Believe it or not, living in a suburb of LA, none of my LYSs carry Cascade...and I need some NOW! I'm increasingly frustrated with selections available (maybe it's my tastes growing up....?)
So, here I am again looking for recommendations from you beautiful people for a really good online merchant. I've tried a few different ones, and although they've supplied the product, they've been slow, and not forthcoming with information like shipping.... There's gotta be someone out there! (Or, do I see a new career niche?)
Any advice on online yarn merchants would be appreciated


Hey There,

I have noticed the same thing. I live in the "OC" and the same problems with certain yarns not carried, most can order if you get a bag of 10.

My best source online has been with Webs. they do charge you shipping, however, they have great discounts on yarn and great sales as well. If you purchase over 60.00 you can get a 20% discount and if you purchase 120.00 you can get a 25% discount. This is for all non sale items. But if you are making larger projects it adds up fairly quickly. And they have a large selection of different Cascade yarns. If you are looking for 220 and Eco and Eco Plus, they have a great selection. Yarn Market has a better color selection in the Eco Plus, but they don't offer discounts.

It takes about five days to come from MA to CA but there is no tax and the customer service there is great. They normally ship the next day. I have ordered from them at least five different times and they have always been a great to deal with.

I don't know what part of town you live in, but Alamitos Bay is a great source for yarns. They are located in Long Beach. I should have posted something on the site about their yearly sale. (it was last week and they don't carry Cascade)

Hope that helps!




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I will always recommend my LYS which has a large online presence as well: I think they've stopped carrying Cascade, but they may have some left. They also have a MARVELOUS yarn of equal weight and roughly same price per yard called Shepherd's Wool. SOOOOO much softer than cascade, OMG! I LOVE THIS YARN!

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Oh boy! What a dreamy yarn merchant Knitch must be. Been on their extremely smart website for ages after StuartWS pointed it out. Don't know what the prices are like state-side, but the yarns look mighty tempting.

I've noticed it too. I'm hoping it's just seasonal or something. For the LYS's I'm thinking economics; but, Hobby Lobby too? Hobby Lobby here has cut back their selection to 1/3 what it was before. That's huge.


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I just ordered some form Alpaca Direct

I think it took about 4 days to get it...maybe 3. Shipping on 6 hanks was $5.95

Paradise fibers in Spokane, WA. Excellent service and selection.


Oops, it wasn't yarn market, it was :)


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The Loopy Ewe ( has started carrying Cascade. Sheri literally has ever color. She ships fast, too!

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For those in the OC/LA Area. I'd hate to admit it, but you might try the scary yarn store in Anaheim Hills. Velona Needle Craft:
5701-M Santa Ana Canyon Rd.
Anaheim Hills, CA 92807 U.S.A.
Tel. (714) 974-1570
Orders (800) 972-1570

They have a lot of yarn and I'm pretty sure I saw CASCADE. The store is scary as it is huge, unorganized, understaffed and yarn falling from the rafters. With that said, I wouold just go and browse, there doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason to the way it's laid out but they have a massive selection.

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I was going to suggest the Loopy Ewe, but James has already done that. :-)