Weighty Socks

Hey knitting dudes...
What is your favorite yarn weight to use for socks? My LYS sold me some teeny tiny sock yarn, to be knit on teeny tiny circular toothpics. What is your personal preference for the yarn weight, fiber content, and needle size when making socks for yourself? I'd love to make myself some socks, but would rather not try to manipulate circular toothpicks with my big man hands.

Thanks for the input!


My first pair of socks was worsted weight on size 4 needles. That was I-don't-know-how-many pairs of socks ago. Now my preference is fingering weight on size 0 needles. The smaller needle and yarn makes for a more "sock like" fabric as opposed to worsted weight on bigger needles coming out more like a slipper. Every now and then I like to take out the 3s or 4s and make socks with worsted just because they go so much faster than the fingering weight on 0. Bottom line, try it all and see what you like best. One thing I like about knitting is there's always a possibility of tearing it out and starting over . . .


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I prefer Wool/Nylon Blend fingering weight yarn and size 1 needles. Anything larger than that is too bulky for my tastes. The small needles and skinny yarn is not bad once you get used to them.



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Thanks for the input. You both are right, though, about the sock like fabric. I'm currently teaching the wife to knit, and her project is the subject pair of socks with fingering (I think) weight on size 1 needles, and the fabric is very nice.

With us it was the other way around. My wife was going to teach ME how to make socks and I had chosen some fingering weight yarn and size 1s, and she said, "No way, try it like this first." I was reluctant, but as is often the case, she was right.


I have made my first two pair. One was chunky yarn on 6's, the other worsted on 3's. The worsted would make great boot socks. Also, I have not knitted my third pair yet.

I admit, I like both of these for cold winter nights to come. They are very comfy and soft.

And no...no spinning much this year. I really need to do somethign this winter so I can practice dyeing.

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Interlacements Toasty Toes~
Toasty Toes is Interlacements' wonderful DK weight, machine-washable merino sock yarn. It is soft and a joy to knit; also good for vests, sweaters, etc... The skeins are ENORMOUS: Each make about 2 pairs of socks (that's 4 socks, ducklings!) I got my skeins at the Black Sheep gathering for about $12 ea (they are normally in the $30 range, but that's not bad for 4 wonderful socks...