Animation Using Knitting

I ran across an interesting piece of animation on YouTube today that uses knitted panels to tell its story. Thought I'd share it with all of you:


TomH's picture

Pretty amazing. Can't imagine that many different animation frames.

NonStopAndrew's picture

Wow, 700+ frames.

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How did you figure out the number of frames?

NonStopAndrew's picture

At the very end when it zooms out, there is a number at the bottom of the "pages."

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Quite amazing how well they were able to make the people blink and sing...with knitting stitches...I feel like a slacker.

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Wow, that is amazing! Thanks for sharing.



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Even if it was done with a knitting machine, it must have taken a long time to make all of these swatches and then to get them lined up correctly. Boggles the mind. Makes an aran sweater seem like child's play.

Amazing! thank you for sharing that - I have sent it to my knitting friends.

Here's a liink that explains a little more about the video.