Noro Kureyon Sock

What a great experience it has been to make my own socks. I had to modified the original pattern a bit, just because it is a bigger pattern. The pattern was for 64 stst and I did 72, because my feet are big and I knit tight. The Kitchener stitch ended up with 10 stitches on each side instead of 8, and I did two double decreases which the pattern does not call for. In the end the sock is about 90 percent a copy of the pattern suggested by Nenah Galati. I did have the opportunity to watch the DVD two or three times as I was turning the heel, and doing the toe decreases. Nothing like having a teacher in your living room. I started the second sock right away, because I know how hard it is for some people. A personal Thank You to Bill Jones for his encouragement and thoughts about the legth of the sock before starting the decreases. I also want to thank Wendy who is an insipration when it comes to Knitting socks Wendy's Blog

I used Nenah Galati' Sock 1. After I am done with the other sock I will be making Two socks at once and the heels will be made with short rows instead of the reagular way of decreasing. What a great Journey.

Here is the profile view of the sock. Thanks for stopping by!


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Great looking sock! I just could never do colors like that. I really should use bright colors at some future point...even my bright colors seem to somehow be muted.

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I love the Galati DVDs...I'll have to bring some of my others Monday case you haven't seen them...

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Mmmm, love the colors!

Great Sock! Love the colors. Was that Noro, and which one? My sister would melt for a pair like that!

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Beautiful socks! You did a great job on them.



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You should be proud of the way the sock turned out. Great Job!


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looks good!

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