Spiral Fair Isle Hat Part 2

So this is how far I have gotten on the hat. It is driving me crazy, I have been stressed recently, making my stitches way too tight. I can barely get the thing on my head...even though it is the same size as the last one I made. I know that I have a big head (insert your own joke here), but I thought it would be okay. I havent been knitting much, I have been cleaning/maintaining my fish tanks for two days, and today I purged my bedroom of all the junk that accumulated there this summer. Got to love working 60 hrs a week for three months straight. My biggest problem now is that with the addition of a new 30 gal fish tank...I have no where to put my yarn stash. Well, that and I dont know if I can sleep at night with all the filters and powerheads (who named these thing!?) running.


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I love fish tanks. The hat looks fantastic, you are doing a great job. You need to relax a bit ore, but you can always pick up the stitches on the rim and knit a bigger (less tight) ribbing that folds and the hat will definitely fit better. It has happen to me, one of my Christmas hats , I added a ribbing that the pattern did not call for becaude it was too tight , lol! It looks fantastic.

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I agree it looks wonderfull, and as perhaps is obvious I love fair isle knitting, as Crafty Andy allready said, you might try adding a ribbing at the base, it should work!

'Why are you weeping? Did you imagine that I was immortal?'

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I think it's beautiful! I love Fair Isle. I say...give yourself a break! You're being too hard on yourself. Enjoy the process!

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Beautiful hat, I really like the color combination. Maybe blocking will help with the fit.



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I thought that this would be a better place to respond to jeffrey, who sent me a very thoughtful message. I have a really stressful summer job, I release payment for a very large company, having payed out millions over the summer. I have four different bosses, all of whom feel the need to have some kind of input. I go home and talk about work and dream about work....I think I have a lot of trouble letting go of things. I knit at lunch at work, and can not stop watching the clock and feeling like someone is going to yell at me for not working...work is not a very healthy place. To help deal with this, I pay attention to my fish (now 70 gallons in four different tanks) and I knit. All of my friends are an hour and a half away so I get to see them once a week, when we all get together at school and dance for two hours. Many of my friends are ballroom dancers, and a bunch of us knit as well. We have our own little knitting group....dance, knit some when we don't like a song, dance some more. I just can not wait for school to start again (about a week,) when I will be back in the life I like: classes, dancing, hanging out with friends and drinking. I really want to sit in the front row of a Womens Studies class and knit.

I think that I need to disconnect myself from work/stress when I knit, take all of your suggestions and focus on being in the moment. I already have a ribbing...but my k2,p2 ribbing flared really weird and flips over covering the bottom pattern when I am working. I think it will be okay, but I may have to learn how to fix it. As always, much thanks to everyone on here for the help and the advice, and for reading this far on my posts that increase in length every day. Yes, I talk this much (and more) in person.

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Don't you just love to sit in front of a fish tank, nice music on and working on your latest project. Are your tanks fresh or salt water? I have two 35 gallon fish only salt water tanks and a 90 gallon reef tank.


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My tanks are a new obsession, just bought my first 10 gallon tank in April. That expanded to two 10 gallon tanks two weeks later, and I added a 20 gallon tank and another 10 gallon in July. Until mid-September I had those four tanks up and running, then I gave one of the 10 gallon tanks away to a single mother of three that I work with for one of her kids birthdays. I bought a 30 gal off of craigslist last week...it was supposed to be a 55...but the people showed signs of very heavy drug use....So i paid and left very quickly. All of my tanks are freshwater....as this is the first time I have ever had to take care of fish, and this is easier. Right now I have Platinum Blue Dwarf Gourami, Tiger Barbs, Mollies, Guppies, Yo-Yo Loaches, Oscar somethings, a mystery snail, and I just got two angelfish. When I actually get out of school (this is my last term *crosses fingers*) I will be getting a larger tank, but for right now this is enough.