I am such a newb

I am such a newb, I did not realize how unusual a thing I did was. I went to the Crochet Guild of America & The Knitting Guild Association Conference in Portland on the 14th...I did not realize that it was their national fall conference. I heard about it from a LYS that was at the State Fair, and thought that it would be a rather common thing. I have been to tons of hunting/fishing/outdoorsmen shows...and just thought that this was a normal regional thing. Needless to say I was a bit suprised when I showed up and it was just one small portion of the Expo center. I brought six friends along, all who knit, I thought all the old ladies would do the same.


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The event you want to go to is the "Black Sheep Gathering" in Oregon city...It usually takes place the end of June... Lots of GREAT BUYS...yarn, needles, fleece, dyestuffs, etc etc.

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STITCHES is a much bigger expo too. They have an East Coast and a West Coast event.

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ANd they've announce STITCHES SOUTH for next April here in Atlanta, woo hoo!