Spiral Fair Isle Hat Finished!

I realize that I have only knitted about two inches, but this is exciting for me. After all this time making an endless series of scarves, and one sock...I have made a second hat. It proves the first hat was not a fluke, and that I can actually make hats in general. It is a bit bigger than the last, definately covers me ears, but I think it is still much too tight for my big head. I have a buddy that might want it, and if not...there are always girls that I can give it to.


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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog It looks fantastic be proud of your work it is not a small task to do Color Stranding, Fair Isle itis a techniqur that you have to get use to it and eventually you will dominate. Remember to block it by getting the hat wet and you can stretch it a bit. If it is wool the water should be cold and you may use some Eucalan Soap you do not need to rinse it out. When blocking wool this way I always add about a 1/4 cup of white distilled vinegar to the rinse water or if using the Eucalan Soap to that bath because it helps the wool. GREAT JOB!

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Never heard of the Vinegar in the water when blocking wool. What effect does this have on the wool?


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It looks fantastic!

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If you like the hat well enough to keep it,, and if you used wool to knit it, you could always steam block it a bit bigger. Steam blocking works particularly well with stranded knitting, and the hat looks quite great on your head.

The hat is wonderful...love the colors love the pattern, and it looks great on you. My vote, keep the hat and wear it alot.