Third thoughts

I started a beanie last night. I finally wanted to get started on using the Camel yarn I bought AGES ago. I started following this pattern for a regular k2p2 ribbed hat (just used the CO number of stitches). Thankfully, I checked my gauge beforehand since I lost the little tag that told me what weight the camel yarn was. The yarn I decided to use with the camel yarn was also conspicuously missing a label. Hmmm...

I determined that the gauges of the yarns were not on par with the pattern's suggestion (5 sts/inch = CO 88 sts). So instead of adjusting my needle size, I just slapped on some extra stitches. My original gauge was 10 sts = 1.5", so I basically just CO 120 stitches. And that was fine. The size looked perfect and I knitted a 6-rows-tall ring of the lighter mystery yarn before switching to my camel yarn. I knitted about 6 rows with the camel, somewhat disappointed that the strand I was handling was not as smooth and "vegetation-free" as I'd remembered. Then I encountered a knot and discovered that all the yarn post-knot was immaculate. I contemplated ripping the project out so I could start after the knot. I also determined that I was unhappy with how loose the knitting appeared to be.

So on second thought, I removed it all from my needles and cut the camel yarn at the knot. I then started the hat over. This time, I double-stranded the yarn to give it a bit fuller look/feel. So that went okay even though my Addi's are a bit overloaded with stitches now. So then I get to the camel yarn and...oh my...the yarn post-knot was not only cleaner, but also fluffier and thicker (I clearly wasn't paying attention). So now I'm barely able to keep the stitches on my needles. LOL I'm very hesitant to remove them, though, because I really missed the luxury of knitting with my Addi Turbos after having done several projects on my Denise Interchangeables. So 1 1/2 rows into the camel yarn, I am having third thoughts. I'm trying to decide if I should just rip out the camel yarn and knit it on one-strand but continue to double-strand the mystery (wool?) yarn if/when I slap in a stripe or two. I'm also trying to decide whether I should just dump the second yarn and do a whole hat with just the camel. I cannot decide. Meh. Decisions, decisions.

I may continue knitting this for as long as I can stand and see how it looks the further I get along with it. Who knows. Maybe it will be stunning and unexpectedly brilliant. :-)


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You never know about things like these. I have done projects that I thought would turn out horribly, and turned out rather nicely. I also though have done projects that I thought would look amazing...only to finish and realize I just wasted a week's time on something that no one will EVER wear...unless you are my ex that is. For some reason (probably pity) she loved all the things that I thought looked terrible and wish I had just ripped out. I made her an accrylic scarf, double stranded, in navy, pale blue, red, and green....I just did it to teach myself how to doublestrand. I hated it, but she wore it almost every day this winter. I am sure it was warm, but ugly as sin. My suggestion is to get someone elses opinion (like us all here), with pics or in person and see what they think, as words are hard to use as guide for things like this.