Wedding Shawl

When last I blogged I was starting a wedding shawl (MMario's faux spanish lace pattern) as a gift to a friend on her wedding day. I finished the shawl about 18 hours before the actual wedding, but I was very happy with the results. I wish I had taken better pictures showing the details of it, but I don't. (Ye olde partner of mine took this photo of me holding up the finished product.) The brides were very happy to receive the gift, especially the one of them that knits.

I used a deep maroon malabrigo wool on number 9 needles to complete the project.


crmartin's picture

Looks great, the color is beautiful. Maybe you can get your friend to send you a picture of her modeling it.



You did a terrific job......and I really like the color!

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Excellent work! That damned Mario and his addictive FSL pattern has struck again!

I just finished my third one...will post as soon as it's done blocking (probably tomorrow).