Yay! I LOVE this FO so much I need to share....okay, I admit it that I'm procrastinating studying right now :-p

So, here you go:


One more photo after the cut.

Morgan [201:366, 24.09.2008]

Start: 11th September 2008
Finish: 23rd September 2008
Needles: 4 mm / 80 cm Addi Turbos and Addi Lace
Yarn: GGH Cumba; 42% new wool, 28% alpaca, 30% acrylic; colour #014 (anthracite), dye lot #85459
Pattern: Morgan by Anne Kuo Lukito in Knitty Fall 2008 issue
Modification: I had to add more snap buttons on each side near the base of the peak because of the softness of the yarn and my gauge, the crown gets pulled back and puckers in a weird way. I also sew the buttons through to the top of the hat, otherwise it will just totally puffs up and look weird.

Hehe, bad-ass look. I tried smiling but I just looked dorky and stupid, so I opted for the bad-ass look. :-p

I'm really happy with the FO. It's hard for me to find a hat/cap that suits me and the Ivy Cap style always looks good on me. I had been wanting to knit one in a long time but have never found a pattern. I was going to try designing one myself, but well, the pattern came out first. Better for me not having to break my head trying to figure it out on my own. :-p

Knitting this was a bit of a challenge (or I was just too thick to understand the instruction properly), but Anne was very helpful when I bombarded her with Ravelry PMs asking her about how to do this and that.

Doing the peak insertion was a challenge. I used a place mat from IKEA. And since my printer ran out of ink, I couldn't print out the template and so I had to do some measurements and free-hand drawing and then cut it and trim to fit. Once I've sewn close the pocket of the peak with the stabiliser in it, the stabiliser kept slipping around, so I ended up sewing long the very bottom edge of the stabiliser to keep it in place and it worked well. Plus, it created a small pocket between the original stabiliser pocket and the sewn-in bottom where I can just pull yarn through and hide it inside the pocket. How very clever of me. :-p

Anyhow, I can see this being knitted up again in other colours and yarns!

I really like the yarn....I'm now considering getting enough of it to make myself a jersey. :-p


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Very cool hat and it looks great on you!



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Thanks! I'm really happy with it, since I usually look like a dork in a hat. :-)

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What a nice Cap , you did a great job, now I want to make one lol!

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Thank you! What are you waiting for then?

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Great hat and I agree with Randy, you wear it very well!

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Thanks! That's pretty much the only shape of hat that flatters me. :-)

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Oh, I don't know. I think the one in your profile pic looks great. :-)

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Yeah, that's why I still keep the profile picture. But I didn't knit that hat myself.

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wow you look like a badass motha.....

I am loving it...I need to knit one too

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LOL, thanks! I would love to see you in one. ;-)

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OOOO. I need to knit one of them for my Irishcub. He'd look great in one of those in Olive green...

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Well, I'll be looking forward to seeing your version. :-)

I love it, you did a GREAT job! I have soooo been procratinating making a wool fedora. Congratulations!


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Thank you!

You remind me of Santa! :-) That puts a smile on my face after my horrible exam today.

That is a very nice hat. It looks wonderful. That is my style as well. Things are finally slowing down for me so soon I shall knit myself one for me. Thanks for sharing.

Banjo Lee Jones

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Thank you! I'll be looking forward to seeing your version!

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Awesome! I love that hat style, and you look great in it! If I wasn't bogged down with other stuff I'd start on it right now!

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I'm sure one more project on the needles wouldn't hurt. ;-)