Mitten Fun!

To those who may have wondered; I do actually knit and not just hang out in the Shout Box. (BTW, we haven't had a Mame fun fest in awhile.) Anyway, I just finished a mitten last night except for the thumb. I'm just curious if people start the next mitten and then do the thumbs or do they complete the entire mitten before moving on to the next one. I seem to remember reading about socks and that one should start the second sock before finishing the first. Do mittens follow the same rule?



I cannot help you but, is this an easy recipe? I am wanting to try mittens meself.

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Okay...I don't really care about the mitten issue/question you raise.

But I would have to comment how much I love your picture. Could you all imagine how great it would be to be picked up for a date and walk out to see Geoff standing in front of his pickup truck?

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Yes, frequently!!!

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Geoff blushes and stares and his boots.

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What Queer Joe said. Also, I would like to knit a pair of very easy mittens for a friend who is turning 90 around Thanksgiving. He won't wear them. I know that already. He will keep them in a drawer. That is why they only have to be "symbolic" mittens. Does anybody want to suggest a pattern?