The Other Side of Aspen...

...or more accurately, Faux Spanish Lace #3.

This is the remaining half of the skein of Great Adirondack Yarn Co.'s "Lolita" yarn in a colorway called Aspen. I used the first half of the skein to make the "Angel Lace" shawl a while back. I came up with the name when a DVD copy of my favorite movie of the same name finally arrived in the mail last week. I thought it would make an appropriate name for the shawl because like the movie, this pattern is truly a timeless classic!

This shawl measures about 70 inches across and about 37 inches down the back. I used size 7 Addi lace needles (if needles had an odometer, this set would have rolled over by now!)

Mario, this pattern is really fun to make and I can't thank you enough for sharing it with us. I'm sure others who have made it feel the same. It's almost mindless in that there's very little to remember, but one must still pay close attention to what one is doing!!!

I haven't decided who this is for yet. I guess I can just put it away for Christmas for a yet-to-be-determined recipient.

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Loved the movie

and love the shawl as well. Beautiful job!

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which one....didn't they make like part 1 to about a 100??

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*grin* Thank you - though ithe PATTERN 's really nothing more then a large swatch. It's the knitting, and the choice of yarn and needle that "makes" the shawl.

what amazes me is how different the pattern looks depending on the gauge and the yarn. And in *this* yarn - yes, "classic" does come to mind. Honestly though - at some point you should try the 'Placida Flamenco' - I think you'd like the variation - and aside from a center stitch (or stitches) it's the same shawl, different look.

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Beautiful shawl, the color is great, very elegant looking.



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What's SCARY is when I saw that title I remembered the THEME SONG which was beyond terrible. A "gentleman's" movie with a theme song. BARF!

Very nice sir and a great picture of you as well.

Banjo Lee Jones

Another fine job from the master! That yarn is cool too.