2 Faced Monster Hat

I made this to try out Patons VooDoo. Gave it a happy side with black eyes and an angry side with red eyes. The angry side photo is attached.

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It looks like you're having some fun with your knitting, Justin!  Did you make this as a special project for someone?  

I've got knitting fever in the worsted way.

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My studtents were late for knitting class, so I made this up while i was waiting for them. It was an advanced class, so I was able to finish it while they worked on their projects. I am thinking about doing a blanket in this yarn & wanted to try it out on a small project first.

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That's one FUNKY hat!  I love it!

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I have TONS of voodoo sitting around (we, girlfriend and I, found it at dollar tree, couldn't resist).

How'd you make it? Is it just a length of stockinette folded in half and sewn or is it done circular?