Antler scarf redux

Sometimes it's wiser to set something aside rather than to frog it... I was hating the antler scarf that I was working on. I have to admit, although I like the look of cables, I don't particularly care to do them because they break up the flow of knitting so much...especially when you have to do it every other row. So, I'm knitting a widened version of "the antler scarf" from Son of a Stitch & Bitch in Auracana Maggellanes (kind of a more earthy version of Manos del Uruguay or Malabrigo) in kind of a bright apple green multi. I was totally hating on it, the width, the hand... the only thing I liked was the colour and the earthy effect of the yarn with the pattern.

Taking photos of the foot or so that I've knitted, I realized that I kinda quite liked it. I may still frog it and make it better, but it's pretty swell. I took pictures, but since my computer still doesn't recognize my camera, I have to have them transferred onto disc before I can download them. Pain pain pain.... I photog-ed 4 different scarves that have been occupying my time as of late. Pictures to soon follow.