Herbert Niebling Doily made into a throw...

Here is a pic of one of the lace patterns that I just completed!
It was one of the hardest challenges that I have ever done... EVER!

Here's a pic of the finished throw and also a few links to see it in full size. It turned out to be about 5.5 feet. Used Eco Wool in colorway 8049 "Tarnish" US #10 needles
It's from a book at Lacis... www.lacis.com
Link on Ravelry
Knitted Lace Designs of The Modern Mode, Book 1 (Kazuko Ichida)
It's pattern #5 and it's a hexagonal floral motif. There are a few different names that they are calling it.
I think that QueerJoe is calling Glockenblume and La Promenade dans la Foret. He did a four pointed version and I did the six pointed version.
Took about 3.5 hanks about 1600-1700 yds.

Now onto another lace project! What to do next?

Traveling to SF this week and going to the Lacis Store... Hope I don't go too crazy with patterns there!!!



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I was going to remark that it bore an amazing resemblence to La Promenade dans la Foret.

Glockenblume (for those of us who are second language challenged) evidently translates to "Campanula", or "Bellflower"; whereas La Promenade dans la foret I beleive is "A walk in the woods"

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You got it right, both the French and German (I have to take your word for the Italian).

For minds eager for the dissection and translation:

In German Glocke = bell, chime; Blume = blossom, flower; thus Glockenblume = Bellflower. Ravelry has the pattern under this name (Glockenblume) in the Pattern database. there are several variants from different sources.

In French: Promenade = a walk; la forêt = the forest, woods; dans = in, inside, and thus the phrase is 'A walk in the forest'

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What a great work. I totally believe you when you say it was a huge challenge. But you have a wonderful finished project to show for it. Great job. Glad you posted the detailed shots so we can see its intricacies.

Thanks Tom,

And glad you were able to see the detail in the larger photos!

It's a charted pattern that I actually translated into written... but here's a sample of what one of the repeats are like..

yo, k5, yo, skp, (s2kp, 3n1)x3, s2kp, k1tbl, (2-st LC)x2, k2tog, yo, 3n1, yo, skp, 2-st-LC, k2tog, yo, 3n1, yo, skp, (2-st LC)x2, k1tbl, s2kp, 3n1, s2kp, yo, 3n1, k6, yo, k7, s2kp, yo, (3n1, s2kp)x2, k11, (s2kp, 3n1)x4, skp, k2tog

You get the idea... but it was a great challenge and now everything else looks easy by far.

Cheers again!


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I'm working on my first Niebling design so I'm very familiar with the challenge. I didn't take time to write out the pattern. I'm knitting it from the charts. Hopefully I'll be able to post it as a finished project someday.

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yup = it's rows like that that have me using shorthand; A = s2kp, w = 3n1, T = k1tbl etc.

I try to choose a letter representation that reminds me of the stitch.

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Absolutely amazing, I can't imagine trying to keep track of that pattern.



Thanks and it was really really complicated. But now, when I look at other lace patterns, I'm like oh, that's easy! LOL And I had to tink back a few times as well! When you're looking at over 600 sts in the round, it take a bit of time. And if you go as far as doing the even knit round, it's insane!!


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Looks great! Welcome to the dark side, we have Nieblings! ;-)

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As Tony the Tiger would say, "They're GGGGreeatttt!"