Knit knit knit...In Public!

Today has been a heavy knitting day. I took my car in to get repaired (the windshield wiper motor was jacked, and the console lights were not working any longer), and was stuck in the auto repair lobby for two hours waiting. Luckily, the place I go to has fabulous, comfortable leather couches. I whipped out my knitting and started clacking away (God, I love my Addi turbos...!). A lady was in there that eyed my knitting once in a while. She ended up leaving because the repairs would be taking too long and she had an appointment at 10. When she came back, she had been empowered to bring her own knitting with her and we talked briefly about our separate projects while we waited. It was nice. No one else even acted like they noticed, furthering my belief that no one actually cares whether men knit or not. I've never received an awkward glance. The "worst" that's ever happened to me is a coworker has asked, "You knit?" in a completely bewildered voice. Of course, that came right before he mentioned that he'd knitted a lot growing up but gave up the habit during his teen years. He claimed to miss it, but "not enough to pick the hobby back up" with two kids and a job to juggle.

I finished, in less than a day, an item of my own design as a "Thank You" to Jason for the sweater. Feeling like I hadn't knitted enough as "payment" for his generosity, I began another WIP - also of my own design - yesterday during work. It's using a specific stitch called 3-colour Flecked Tweed. I saw a description of this stitch elsewhere but with a different name. It's looking fantastic, if I do say so myself. :-) This is what I was knitting at the auto repair place.

Speaking of which, their lobby TV was stuck on Fox News the whole time...two hours of "fair and balanced reporting." Fair and balanced, my ass. But that's another story altogether. I won't litter our site with that stuff, but when I post it to my Live Journal, I'll give you all a link to it for any who are interested or curious.

I'm mentoring at work, which means I'm training a new-hire. He's at that point where he's running the computer and all the applicable programs while I actually handle the incoming calls. Gives my hands lots of free time. Sweet! I'm even more excited for the point in his training at which he begins to field the calls AND man the computer both while I just sit there and listen to make sure he doesn't totally F everything up.

Break's over. Back to work (and knitting!).