I hate school, but I have time to knit...

So I am back at school now, and have been trying to get all my class stuff figured out. I haven't had internet, which is why no one has seen me lately. I am moving into my new apartment tonight, but for the last few days have been crashing at a buddy of mine's place. The walk from his place to campus is about 40 minutes...and I am now very sore from all this walking. It also doesnt help that I dance about two hours a day either. After a summer of sitting at a computer for 60 hrs a week, this is a whole lot more excercise that I was prepared for. I have some breaks between classes, and as I refuse to walk back to where I am staying, I instead get some time for my WsIP. This post is the first one, a sweater for my father. I have never made a sweater before, so this is a new challenge, and it seems to be going well so far. I am not to the hard part though, I don't understand the instructions about binding off for the sleeves. I am working the DROPS Pullover in Eskimo from Garn Studio (link at bottom)and I have no clue what it is telling me to do. Hopefully I will have internet at my place tonight, rather than having to use a computer lab like I am right now. I also dont know if I like the colors the sweater is going to be. I started out with the idea of doing the body in dark grey, with only the bottom trim and a bit at the sleeves being black....but then I went back to the LYS and the dyelot was entirely wrong, a light grey rather than a dark grey, so that is not an option. I had some green lying around, so that is what my Father is getting. I doubt he will actually ever wear the sweater, but it gets me out of buying him anything, and allows me to learn how to make sweaters...so I guess if it doesn't look great, it doesn't really matter. The top, and the sleeves are now going to be all black, with maybe a small green band about the wrists. Oh, and that funny stitching towards the center is my first ever attempt at increasing stitches...so, a learning experience there.



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The colours look good to me so far.

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I really like the color combination. Why would he not wear it?



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I just think that the colors look strange together. I don't know, maybe he will, I will have to wait and see how it turns out.