Blue Girl's Hat

So this is my other WIP at the moment. A woman I met at lunch with a co-worker asked me to make a hat for her 18 month old daughter. It has to be 19 inches or so around, as opposed to my normal size of 23+. It has been interesting, I am using size 10 DP needles...the only other DP needles I have used are size 2's, so it is a bit different. The pattern on the top is kind of flower like, I am just worried that it is a bit masculine for a little girl. It is powder blue though....


Can you post the pattern? I have an 11-month old great-nephew and a 10-month old great-niece that will need hats in the near future.

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The pattern is a variation on the pattern "Bev's Basic Cozy Cap" at the website below. If you look up a couple posts, I have the completed project.