Kenneth and his sweater

So about three weeks ago I find this baby chihuahua running down one of Denver's busiest downtown streets. Nobody around claimed him so I brought him home. No tags and no chip and still nobody has claimed him. So he's been to the vet and it looks like we'll just keep him. We've named him Kenneth ("What's the frequency?") and I knit him this little sweater for our walks in the cool mornings.

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well...kenneth is a man i've fallen in love with allready, he's so cute, and it's so great of you to offer him a home.

The sweater is nice too of course

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Absolutely adorable!

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Aww, he is so adorable, I want a chihuahua puppy so bad. The sweater looks great on him.



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That's freakin' adorable... But I imagine someone is probably missing that little could they not?

What a handsome little guy. It was FATE, truly, that you were there to find him when you did. What a great story and a great little dog.

He (and the sweater) so precious!!!!!!! I love dogs.

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That is amazingly cute.

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what a cute little baby! you should setup a profile for him on dogster and he can be our chihuahua, bruzer's, friend!

don't tell anyone i said that... :P

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Myspace/Facebook for dogs? Oh my! I must go set up accounts for all my pups!

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You did good , the chihuahuas are very fragile little fireplugs, train him well. The sweater is adorable! They seem to always be cold!

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That is such a sweet story. What a great guy you are to take little Kenneth right in. He is such a cute pup and that sweater is beautiful.

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Awwwww!!! Kenneth is adorable, and so are you for doing such a good deed! I love his little sweater!

Very nice of you and nice knitting as well. A very good deed.

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I'm more of a cat man myself, but he sure is a cutie, especially in his little sweater!

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Very cute! He may need some little booties for walking in the snow.
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This is great...wish my little guy would wear one but he thinks he is to tough for sweaters and coats. He is an 11 year old Westie called Fergus. I hope Kenneth is a part of your life for many years