Rain, Rain, Go Away!

As per normal in Oregon in the Fall, it is raining today. After a couple weeks of decent weather, with only a little rain, it fully rained today, and is continuing to do so. So I didn't go to class today, instead I waited at home for my family, we are scattering a friends ashes today. I started a lace project last night, and though it is kind of hard to see, it is actually turning out well. Today I am going to be cleaning my place, as I moved in with just a bed, computer and some clothes...and I really need to get the rest of my stuff from home.

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I'm pleased to see you are knitting some lace, it looks very good.

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Excellent start on your piece...you do a nice circular cast-on. Like Kerry, I'll be looking forward to seeing your progress.

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don't let the rain get you down... nice lace :)

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Looking good! Sorry to hear about your friend. I too think the tattoo is very cool.