Ha! I remembered my Log In name!

I picked up knitting again during Hurricane Ike. There are only a few of things you can do by candlelight while awake, and I, for one, got tired of playing with my candle.

I meant, with the wax. The wax. You know, when you let the melted wax drip on the table and you make tiny wax figures with the melted wax. Ah, never mind.

Right. Knitting. It's been almost a year since I logged on this site. Updates! The scarf that I first worked on? Never finished it. Since last year, I was able to finish one. ONE BEANIE. Oh, but the way I loaded up on yarn, and needles and gadgets and doodads, you would think I have knit enough to cover a bridge, but no. ONE BEANIE. Knitting season of 2008? Maybe the scarf to go with the beanie. Cross your needles.

Nice to be back. Houston peeps! Holla atcho boyee! :D