Quick & Easy Cable Vest

This is a Paton's pattern for a V-neck sleeveless vest.  It knits so quickly; it took me less than 4 week's worth of dedicated knitting to make it.  The cable pattern looked to me to be difficult around the neckline but it was actually very simple to do.  There are a couple of points that I would change in the actual pattern if and when I make this again.  For example, the pattern calls for the rib to be done in the same size as the rest of the garment so there is less elasticity.  Also, these patterns are "designed to be a generous fit" which doesn't make for a good look on me.  Baggy clothes look great on trim and slender people but on me and my build they just look sloppy.  I would definitely take some of the extra out of the pattern.

A lesson hard-learned here for me.  I didn't circle on the pattern  the size I was knitting and so made this one size too large for me to wear.  I know better than that but I got careless and over-confident.

The best part of making this jersey was using the new Brittany wooden cable needles that Martin had sent to me as a gift.  The needles have a slight groove in them to keep them from slipping out of the stitches.  At first the needle was difficult to use as it was raw wood and the stitches didn't move easily on the needle.  But, after being handled, run through my hair and kept behind my ear, it became smoother and easier to use.  I can recommend these cable needles if you want to knit with wood some times or if you have trouble with the stitches sliding accidentally off a straight plastic cable needle.  Thank you, Martin!

As usual, please forgive my awful photography.  There are shadows which look like errors and this jersey is actually an airforce blue! 

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I love it. I recently taught myself how to make cables like the ones on your vest. They look so neat and i think puts a really nice border around the finished garment. Im gonna hav to try something like this myself soon when I'm a bit more confident. fantatic!!Smile

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hi. i'm fairly new at the knitting and when i saw that you mentioned that the next time you try this pattern you'll take the extra out; i had to ask:  how do you do that?  i've tried a few things on the fly and regretted it. ;)   anyways, be good and stuff.


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VERY HANDSOME!!! I love the cable neck detail... must try that sometime... I agree that the ribbing might be tighter... I usually knit it on smaller needles regardless of pattern instructions...

LOL Bill

Spectacular, you are very talented. glad that the cable needles worked out for you.
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