So its been a while,...

(Pictures for the below mentioned projects can be found on my blog : )

Well, lately I've been knitting because I have to rather than because I want to. After finishing the book project, I wasn't very motivated to knit at all. I was contracted to do some work earlier this summer, so back to knitting I go. I'm working on a series of hats for a woman I met at the farmers market. She's expecting and I'm doing a few newborn beanies and a couple 3 month ones. I'm making them from a soy and organic cotton blend yarn that is super soft and relatively easy to work with. I was given free reign on artistic design on them, so I'm thinking I might do some crazy cable work on a few.

I haven't done newborn hats before, so I knit the first one pretty "plain jane" style, with just a 2x2 rib for an inch, then straight stocking net. It came out pretty good, though I have some reservations about the color. The yarn is somewhat light weight, so I'm double stranding it. I used a tan/grey one with a light blue, and it came out alright, but they really didn't contrast off each other as I had hoped.

The book project went quicker than I hoped. That being said, it still took me a good solid couple weeks of knitting to finish. It was basically 7 scarves that I used a 3 needle bind off to attach together in an alternating fashion. It's hard to describe exactly what it looked like. By the time I was done with it, I was pretty sick of looking at it, and didn't get any pictures of it. I didn't even lay it out to get a good look at it. I cast off the last stitch and shoved it in a zip lock to mail off the next morning. So I guess I'll just have to wait like everyone else for the book to come out for a good look at it. I haven't heard an exact date that its going to press yet, but keep on the lookout for Yarnbombing, it's going to be a great knitting book!

I did take a short time-out from the book project to do some necessity knitting. While on a recent weekend work trip with the family, I had forgotten to pack socks for our youngest. I did however remember to bring a healthy quantity of knitting supplies. One must have priorities lol. Anyway, I decided to just knock out a pair of socks for him using my trusty basic sock pattern. They took me the first day to finish, and for the rest of the weekend he ran around the place wearing only those on his feet. I was pretty shocked to see that they didn't wear a bit! I'm guessing that he really doesn't weigh that much still is why.

I'm still working on the reversible cable scarf. It's taking shape, and is about 2 feet long at the moment. I really enjoy that one, but its just tough to find time to work on it.