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Hello My Knitting Brothers,

I'm so glad to be here! I saw the site a few months ago when I did some personal research on men who knit. It was the football player Rosie Grier (I think that was his name) who I saw knit on TV once when I was young and I secretly wanted to learn back then; no one would teach me because it was taboo for a boy to do such things. I had never seen another Black man, or man, knit before. It was an empowering moment for me. Don't ask me why. I can't explain it. But since seeing him knit on TV, I felt if he can do it, then I can do it too (no one is gonna mess with him - he's a big guy).

Fast forward to today. I'm grown and I finished my first day, of two day total, Beginner Knitting class this past Saturday. I was shocked how fast my fingers took to knitting. But purling, I do need much more practice and hope to do that this week before the next class. It's like my fingers are moving faster than my brain? Or, I just can't believe that I can do this.

I plan to shop at the store for this site and buy stuff; I love the logo!

A community of men that knit and talk about it. What could be better than that? To be honest:
1. Men who crochet (yeah that is on the agenda to learn)
2. To do this in person with other guys (guys in or near my city).

After I finish class I want to take it slow. I want to do something small for my first few projects. If only I could find beginners patters that only require you to only knit and purl in a row and that's it!

Actually, if I can knit a beanie (or winter cap), a wash cloth, a scarf, and much later down the road an afghan I'll be a happy with just that.

Cool Breeze


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Welcome to MWK and welcome to your new addiction! I'm sure there are many members here who will give you great ideas for your initial knit projects. Just keep knitting. When I first learned (more than 40 years ago), I just practiced knitting stitches, over and over, skein after skein and didn't knit anything. But that process might bore you. By the way, I think purling is much more difficult at the beginning for most knitters. So don't give up.


Believe it or not, that's exactly what I want to do!! :) I'm thinking of buying at least two more sets of needles. Wait. I already have two sets? LOL. Wait again. I may have three sets around here? Oh well. Last night I did find a second set of knitting needles. I started my class with these circular ones; size 11. I have the separated needles here; plastic size 10.

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Welcome to MWk, glad to have you aboard. Before you know it you will be knitting things you didn't think possible. Looking forward to hearing and seeing your progress.




I'll hold you to your words about knitting things I didn't think possible. :) Thanks for making me feel welcome; everyone.

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The thrill of reading about a new guy excited about the newly acquired talent of knitting never wears off for me. Thanks for sharing your excitement and trepidations.

Mostly, welcome to a group of some of the most supportive and knit-savvy guys I've come across so far.

Thank you QueerJoe.

I'll look at some of your knitting projects that you posted. :)

Welcome! I've found this to be a pretty nice web site and a lot of nice guys here too. My first wash cloth pattern came from a women I met who was knitting knitting while at the Rotary Convention in Salt Lake City Utah in 2007. She handed me the pattern she was using and said because it was so simple, she didn't need the pattern. It's true, I don't need it any more and just ran across it yesterday. I give it here:

Size 7 (8) needles, Cotton yarn (like the kind on 1 lb cones)
CO 4
Start increase: k2 yo then knit to end of row
repeat increase row until you have 31 (41, 51) stitches
Start decrease k1, k2tog, yo k2tog, knit to end of row.
repeat decrease until you have 4 stitches on needle
Bind off
It's a great beginner washcloth using only five basic stitch components (CO, knit, yo, k2tog, Bind Off) and the concepts of increases, and decreases, all things you'll use forever and often. A perfect beginners washcloth; and the pattern is so simple, it's easy to memorize.

Welcome to the group, and.... KNIT ON!


Thanks Cyberchip.

See. I knew this was a great group. Already with a pattern. THANKS! It does seem easy. Ok. That will be my first project. I'll make a photo when it is complete and share.

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Welcome. I found this site by accident and have been hooked ever since. I not only like being able to share my projects and ideas with other men, I love seeing what they are doing. Some of the work they do is absolutely incredible and beautiful. Again welcome and I am sure you will enjoy this space.

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ahhh.... :)

You'll be hooked in no time. I remember last January when I thought "I'll just do a small project, I'll never be able to do that cabling or fancy stuff this soon."

I did a ribbed scarf from the lion brand website as my first project.

I took a risk and jumped into a cable scarf.

did not look back to just "easy"

started a sweater...

it's addictive and you'll realize pretty soon, that once you have the hang of those knit and purl stitches, you'' be able to do most of the other things with just a teensy bit of trial and error. And remember the guys on this site, they are truly the best source of information, inspiration, and technical support (as well as life support) that you could ask for.

Welcome to the site.


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I agre with Joe; seeing new guys come onto the site; excited and eager to knit is a never ending source of delight. And the progress some of the "new" guys make! I often feel that *I* am the newbie - whether I've been knitting 48 years or not!

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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Wait a minute....Has anyone else noticed that Cyberchip and Mnjack look like the same person....I think that Mnjack is just the split-personality of Cyberchip. Any thoughts? Oh, and welcome to the site, it is tons of fun here.