it's darn hot!

i don't know if'n it is the heat and humidity but i'm on a hat rampage.  just a basic hat pattern i think from Sally Melville.....unfortunately, my co-workers steal 'em when they are finished.  *sigh*  i like this pattern because it is soooooo basic but forgiving so i can try some really stupid things but i now know a lot more things NOT to do, eh?  anyways,  y'all be good and stuff.  i'm tempted to offer some thoughts on knitting as a lay service at church.......something 'bout how it's good for the soul since in one small part of the universe one gets to impose a little order.  also, knitting in the round has to be a great metaphor for life don' it?  just round and round sometimes not remembering exactly where you are or why? 



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How advanced must one be to begin knitting in the round? 

 Longtime faggot, first time knitter.

Longtime faggot, first time knitter.

If you can knit flat, you can knit in the round.  Double-pointed needles are a little challenging at first, but it's just a matter of learning how to hold them and keep your tension constant as you change from one to another.  Jump right in there and knit a leg warmer or something. Smile  OK, since no one needs a leg warmer, just knit a simple tube until you get the idea, then rip it out and make a cap that you can actually use.

Very simply - you don't.  It's far easier knitting in the round and for centuries was the standard way of knitting.  Knitting in 'the flat' is a fairly recent innovation and not, I think, a particularly easy one.  It's rather cumbersome and all that sewing up is a pain.  To begin with I would suggest trying a tube scarf just to get the feel of it - you'll love it!