One more to go!!

Well guys....
Not much knitting has been going on, but I have been busy. I have been playing at several Festivels and Reenactments lately, and have one more to go, 1812 down in Marion Ind. here is a picture of me and one of the reenactores at last weekends Ren Fare in Fisher Ind. I had a lot of fun with this gargoyle between selling silver jewlery, and just having fun with the public. Tried to get some knitting done on second baby blanket I am working on at night, but trying to knit by candle light or a book light is not easy.
Didn't realize I had been gone from this site, took me a while just to catch up on my reading of your posts and goings on here.
Wish me luck on the next reenactment and hope I surrvive, feel like several trucks have run over me after a fun weekend of reenacating. But I guess it is all worth it in the long run, ( don't ya think MMario).
Greetings to all......
Barry...the Kilted Knitter


Sounds like you are busy Barry. Why candle light? Were you not where there was artificial light?

Banjo Lee Jones

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When at a reenactment you try to live like you would have during the time period the you are reenacting. That is why the candle light. But there was a street light that was pretty bright during teh night, just not bright enough in the tent I was in.
Barry, the Kilted Knitter16

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Aye indeed, Sir; in the long run the exhaustion, dirt, freezing and/or heat prostrations, faire boogers, etc etc etc aren't what you remember.
MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation