It has been some time since my last post....I have been knittin' up a storm !!!!
Here is one of the finished "Opera Shell" silk ! Yes, it is another comission for my LYS. The pattern is one of a series a did for my sisters ( 10 sweaters in all) ! These are simple tailored garments. I think this came out O.K. ! What do you guys think.......???


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Awesome! Are those hand print buttons?

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What a beautiful garment. You do great work. Keep up the good work.

This 'guy-ess' thinks its beautiful. Well done.

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The fitted shape is really great. I love the pattern stitch too and the color. A great job indeed.

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I think it's beautiful and the tailoring is awesome.



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I think it's lovely. Great job.

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WOW. Color, shaping, pattern, yarn all come together. Great work! -John

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Thanks folks....your comments spur me onward !

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This is a lovely sweater. I really like the styling and the colour. Great knitting.

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Yep.....hand-painted "hand prints" it too much?????? Too anal ???