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I just received word that I will not be getting advance certification at work at this time. Not because I don't deserve it, though. In fact, I'm apparently "great" and would be "ideal" for advance certification. It appears that the reason I will not be getting certified at this time is because my supervisor's boss "dropped the ball." I had to put together a statement and my supervisor compiled my previous monthly evaluations and they were submitted to his boss who was to review them, provide his blessing, then pass them along to HR who would review, approve/reject, and notify the three of us. So somewhere along the way, my supervisor's boss took too long to get the paperwork to HR. Because it's nearing the end of the year, HR has put a temporary freeze (as they always do about this time) on advancement (as well as hiring). Or at least that's the story I was given. So I wrote a looooooooooong yet succinct (and polite) exposition about how the whole situation makes no sense to me. I didn't use the words "makes no sense," in case you're wondering.

In any case, I pointed out that not only had my paperwork been submitted several weeks ago, but that an old colleague of mine submitted his statement and paperwork to his supervisor close to two weeks after I did. Yet, one week later, he was informed of his new advance certification status and I was still sitting around on my ass waiting for someone to tell me something. ANYTHING. Interestingly enough, several other reps were moved up to advance cert shortly thereafter. And even today, when I was finally informed of the advancement freeze, we got an office-wide memo about the fact that a customer service rep. was just given "senior" status, which is a step above even advance certification.

I asked to speak directly to the man who "dropped the ball." I wanted to ask him what made my ball drop and hit the floor flat while everyone else's continued rolling down the hill as designed. I want to ask him what in the world I'm supposed to do as a "victim of circumstance" to FINALLY further my career as this is the FOURTH time I have attempted to advance. The first time, my supervisor moved to a different department before paperwork could be finalized. The second, we were under the supervision of several day-shift managers who were taking turns with us so none of them felt it was "appropriate" to submit my name considering they knew nothing about me. The third time, my temporarily-permanent supervisor said the same thing and told me to way until my permanently-permanent supervisor was hired, which was to be "any week now." A few months later, he was finally hired and faced with the prospect of me gnawing at the bit to get the ball rolling finally but not only was he completely in the dark about the process to do this, but he, too, knew nothing about me and could neither prove nor disprove my worth toward being advance certified.

I was told that I can try again after the freeze is lifted, probably after the first of the year. This not only pisses me off because I will have been trying for well over a year by that time, but it's also frustrating because year-end evals and raises look at stuff like that. So I'll be missing a nice, huge, "smiley face" because someone I don't even know dropped the ball.

I'll behave as per office politics etiquette by not "letting him have it." Instead, I will be asking thought provoking questions not only about how all these policies leave reps like me in the dark but also how the second-shift representatives (such as myself) regularly get the shaft. Perhaps, I posit, that is why they think individuals working on the second shift get an 8% differential. I have some politely-delivered news for them. Since the differential is delivered only as a result of when a person clocks in, it clearly has nothing to do with compensating for the lack of growth opportunities or other such slights. Indeed, anyone who clocks in for the first time after noon would get an 8% bump.

In light of all the frustration (and I was so optimistic in a post not long ago...), I have been knitting like insanity. I'm working on a third hat in less than a week. They're all of my own design, and this latest is going to be called the "Floobidy Hat." It's one of my words I made up. It will be weird.

I'm interested to find out if/when I will have the meeting with my supervisor's boss. I wonder if such a meeting would even make a difference for me or any of my second-shift-shafters.

That sounds dirty...

I will post photos of my four recent projects (there's a non-hat in there) once Travis returns from his business trip to South America since I loaned him my good camera and I refuse to do my projects the injustice of posting photographs of them I made on my cell phone.

Thanks for letting me ramble.


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I don't know what you do at your job or how long you've been there. But I'd be looking for a new job and get the hell out of there.

I'll second that!

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The catch is that this is the first and only job I've had where I actually love the job itself. I've been here a little over a year and still love it as much as the day I started. It's just some of the processes and advancement b.s. that have me frustrated.

"Men can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread." --Richard Wright

"Men can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread." --Richard Wright

I will stick my neck out a bit and say something that many will probably disagree with:

Keep your job and don't rock the boat too much right now. I work in the financial services industry and I am uncertain about these times with the economy.....and know of people getting laid off (including those who left for a new job opportunity). The next year will be telling of what path. Document your efforts and processes but don't seen as someone who is raising a stink or rocking the boat or is a troublemaker.

Do you have a right to be angry? Sure
Do I think from your description that your bosses boss is a putz? Yep

I do not know your work environment so my advice above is kind of generic. Maybe your enviroment would welcome chatting with the your bosses boss...then go for it. Also....hound them next a nice way of course.

I realize you want answers and perhaps want to be seen as promotable by expressing your interest and also your disappointment. This is understandable. But whatever you do now, keep in mind the perception of others...and the security of having a job at this point in time. Be seen as an asset and a team player...also someone who can roll with the punches. I say this cause it seems like you still like your job. If you did not, boy it would be alot harder to roll!

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Well, I'm going to agree with Tucker....stay put! I do transcribing for unemployment hearings....and there's WAY many more now than ever. The economy sucks, and if you love the job, bear with it and keep at it. There's no guarantees in life and it sounds like overall things could be much worse.


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I agree with everyone who is telling you to "stick it out". THings are very shaky in the economy and chances are that if your boss's boss is that sloppy with his job, he'll be the one looking for a new job. You can bet if he screwed you over he's done it to others. Let somebody else do the "anger thing". Getting even is very temporary. It is better to "kill 'em with kindness" then they never really know what you are thinking. When I was your age ( don't you hate that expression, but it is true) I thought getting even was the right thing to do and I suffered because of it. I have learned after 40 years of working to just keep my mouth shut ( well try to anyway) and have a good hobby to vent my frustrations. Cocktails help also!

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I've never been one for revenge. It seems like other people go for it and even when it doesn't backfire (rare), the satisfaction is shallow and short-lived and their initial anger isn't alleviated because it doesn't take it back.

No, I don't try to get even, but I definitely don't keep my mouth shut, either. If I feel I'm being treated unfairly, I speak up. I just know to do it in a thoughtful way and not an angry, finger-pointing way.

"Men can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread." --Richard Wright

"Men can starve from a lack of self-realization as much as they can from a lack of bread." --Richard Wright