I hate landlords

So the landlord of the place I am staying is not happy with me right now. He is not happy for many reasons, which follow. One, I am living there and not the girl who's name is actually on the lease (we were going to fix this today.) Two, the girls on the lease wants to use the apt. as a business place. Three, the girl forgot to pay rent on time (two days late, and with the late fee included.) Four, the landlord is remodeling the whole house, (it was subdivided into four apartments) and he believes that the other section they are working on right now will only take two weeks.....I know a lot about construction and remodeling, and I can tell you right now, that with only the one guy doing it...it is going to take a lot more than two weeks. The contractor is competely tearing out all the walls and celings in the other apt. and actually putting insulation in for the first time in the 100+ yr history of the house. He is also replaceing all the door in the house, including mine ( I will have no front door on Thursday) and that will take up this week. Anyway, this is the new landlord who just bought the building, and it means that I will be living in there for less than one month...and now I have to find somewhere else to live. I have a buddy of mine that would let me crash with him....but we can not fit all of his stuff AND my stuff in his room....though there is plenty of room in the bed. I really won't mind moving out, it is just the finding somewhere else to live that is going to suck. I am not happy with the house right now, because I am pretty sure that the non-grounded electrical outlets fried the motherboard on my computer, so I have no computer right now, and am not about to fix it and have it blown again by the mid 1920's wireing (yes, I actually know when it was last upgraded...I was an electrical assistant for a while when I was considering becoming an electrician.) I will also not miss the increadibly low water pressure, nor the outrageous electricity bill (like I said, no insulation.) The only good thing to come out of this is that with no computer, I have a lot of time to knit, but I haven't done any homework.....I think I am in trouble...I also have no radio, or TV as that is what I use my computer for.....so I am almost dying of boredom. Now I only have 15 minutes to go, before I can go home....


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Landlords suck...im sorry!

Born Gay...FABULOUS by choice...

Born Gay...FABULOUS by choice...

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Renting can be a real challenge. My partner and I have been in a house for the last 32 years but are thinking now of downsizing. Talk about stuff! I like the idea of renting as there is no maintenence or lawns to take care of , or having to buy a new oven and refrigerator. Those things can all be taken care of by a good landlord very quickly. Just keep relaxing? in you buddies bed until the right deal comes along and rent a storage space for your stuff. Before you sign any lease ask the rental agent or the landlord to let you interview other tenants in his/her properties. If they get pisssy about that move on.

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I hear ya...I'm house sitting...bad sleep, feeling ungrounded. I get to look forward to this for the next whole month...not to mention the alarm system beeping at me starting at 1 am due to a low battery hidden mysteriously somewhere in the system....argh. Still, I have my own place, so it's not so bad...Sorry to hear of your grievances. That totally sucks ass. You moving permanently or just temporarily?