This is the progress I have made on my first sleeve. I really dont like DPN, I think circulars are much more if only they made them in sock/sleeve sizes. I am so mad, I just got my place the way I like it, even moved all my fish...and now I have to move. If I would have known I have to move in a month I would not have worried about my place, and would instead be more than done with this sleeve.


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Two words - Magic Loop. You will use your double points for kindling and toothpicks after that. Even fingers for gloves can be done without theme I'd be glad to teach you, it takes about 30-45 minutes to learn. I live outside Salem so am close to you.


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I use two cirulars a lot and find them really easy and you can do any size circle with them.


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If i am cabling or doing any pattern knitting it is easier for me to use two circular needles as you can run over your pattern more simply as you change needles. If there is no pattern and I am doing simple stockinette I will do magic loop. You can fine directions and videos to these two techniques here

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I know a lot of folks like "magic loop", but I'm not really a fan. I find the place where the cable comes out causes a little gap in my knitting that I don't like.

I do use two circulars as well because it has much less "gap" effect and can go very small or very large.

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I had the problem of laddering when I first started on dpns but since learning to get tension right, it hasn't been a problem with magic loop. I tried two circulars but found I kept poking myself in the tummy with the unused one. That and the constant 'clacking' of the free ends together drove me nuts. To each his own!

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They do make very short circular needles, I use 9" circulars for socks and I have seen both 11" and 12" in larger sizes that could be used for sleeves.



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Okay, I have tought myself both Magic Loop and two circular needle styles. I am also done with the first sleeve now. Hopefully I can finish the second one faster now, I am going to try my speed on Magic loop first.