The Alfie

This is the latest Sideways Hat, made flat from the selection of Woolly Wormhead Hats. These hats are made flat and using short rows. This particular hat I picked up the wraps and knitted them through the back loops and I lreally like the way it came out.

In the second picture I am wearing the hat with the seam upfront so that you can see that it is invisible. This is a very fun hat to make and it is made sideways lol!Thanks for stopping by!


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I need to study that method. I have an idea for a hat, but I'd not be able to do it in the round...

"The only sin is mediocrity." --Martha Graham

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Hat looks really good on you (wink)

Originally i did all my hats flat. It is pretty easy although you can convert most any pattern to circular if you want.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog The main reason that I make the hats is to get practice in doing things that I have not done. I enjoy learning new techniques and you can turn this into a circular hat. My idea is to learn the different types of kitchener stitch and to make hats flat. I have always made hats on the round. I find that it is a good challenge and I learned a lot about wraps and picking up wraps. Short rows is an intrinsic part of these hats and after you are done with them, I would say you have become very proficient in short rows and wraps lol!

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Love the hat!! I found another short-row hat that you might also like. I agree, they are fun learning projects and quick results...