Yarn stores in Rome

In an earlier post I said that I'd check-out a couple of yarn stores while I was in Rome.

Although I had a great holiday, I'm afraid that me research was a bit of a failure.

I only had time to visit one, Lana della Vecchia, which was closed on the only day I could get there. You may have better luck if you are in the Eternal City. Find it at Via del Baullari 3, 00186 Rome [Map for Lana della Vecchia opens in a new window]. This is just off Corso Vittorio Emenuele II, and just past the beautiful Sant'Andrea della Valle church, which is also well worth a visit, by the way, and the setting for the first secene in the opera Tosca.)

The other store I'd hoped to find was Filati Filpucci at Via Principe Amedeo 87-89, 00185 Rome [Map for Filati Filpucci opens in a new window]. This is close to Rome's main rail station and should be a doddle to locate if you can get there.

I love Rome so much that I'm bound to be back sometime next year. Maybe I'll have better luck on my next visit.


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and you are sending me a cute little package from your travels right ;-)

Born Gay...FABULOUS by choice...

Born Gay...FABULOUS by choice...

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Did you toss coins into the Trevi Fountain? I made that mistake when I was 4 years old, and keep going back... it's like a Roman boomerang. I've seen this shop by the way, but when I walked by it was closed as well - hmmm... maybe it's not really a yarn shop at all... LOL

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Yep, have also tossed coins into the Trevi on a number of visits, so I'm on the Roman Boomerang too. I've noticed that a number of businesses seem to be closed on a Monday in Rome, and that was the only day I had to do my research.

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That shop in Rome (the one in your picture) is definitely worth returning to Rome for. She has tons of stuff packed into that small shop. A lot of it is on a balcony that she reaches by stairs or a ladder. She happened to have on display what I wanted, so I asked if she had it in red. She said yes and climbed up to the balcony. From up there she asked how many skeins I wanted, then proceeded to toss them to me from up there. I don't know if she speaks English or not, so you better brush up on your numbers and colors in Italian. I was staying near there, so went back for a second visit, but she was closed for siesta.

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Oh good, it's not a front...next time in Rome, I'll check it out. By the way, the name of the place is strange - how old is the woman who runs it? :-)