DPNs from Knit Picks

Dudes: I just got my Knit Picks catalogue and I'm thinking about the wooden DPNs. I'm not a huge fan of metal ones (too slippery) and the bamboo ones bend to easily. Can anyone recommend these or are they going to be similar to bamboo.



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I do not have any experience with the Knit Picks DPN needles, but I do own the Harmony options set and I love it. At first I kept waiting for one of the tips to split, they just seemed to light to be sturdy. I have had them since February and no problems at all. I have not found that these have bent at all.

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All of my DPNs are Knit Picks Harmony Wood and I love them (I also have the interchangeable circular set). As far as smoothness they are a happy medium between aluminum and bamboo, (slick enough but not too grabby and not too slippery), just right in my opintion. The finish on the DPNs is slightly less glossy than the interchangeables or fixed circs. I find that to be just fine since I really don't want DPNs to be too slippery. The needles are laminated birch and they have a very mild give but nothing so bendy as bamboo. I think they are much sturdier. The price is right and with the smaller sizes they give you an extra DPN since the smaller sizes are more prone to snapping. Frankly, since I bought the interchangeable set, I haven't even bought another brand of needles and I got rid of all the others I had. I would highly recommend them. Also, you needn't buy a set (although you can save money by buying one of the DPN sets), just buy one size to try.


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I have some of the DPNs and absolutely love them -- I'll eventually get the whole set. I'd say they're a touch slipperier than bamboo, not as bendy as bamboo, and much cooler looking than bamboo. The only drawback is that, must like bamboo, they snap if you sit on them. :-) humbug.....

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