"Floobidy Hat" update (+NKR topics...including an update of last post)

I'm really getting into the "Floobidy Hat." The striping is almost annoyingly time-consuming and tedious, but the payoff is worth it. In one section, I decided to try my hand at stranding. It actually worked much better than I'd anticipated. The only problem I'm experiencing with the hat right now is an odd unevenness right at the beginning of the row. The good news is that since the top of the hat will hang down behind you, the very slightly uneven "seam" (as it's beginning to look) will be covered up while it's being worn. I initially started knitting this just to get rid of the crappy-ass acrylic yarn I have more than enough of. My sister, god love her, bought me some skeins of Caron Simply soft last Christmas, and since I hate knitting with 100% acrylic, I haven't used it. And although the acrylic yarn definitely matches its name (so very soft), the feeling of it "squeaking" on the needles as I work with it is almost akin to scraping nails on a chalkboard - which incidentally has never bothered me... We'll see how the rest of the hat goes, and I'm hoping the poof ball at the end works out well. I've only ever made one other poof ("pom-pom") before, and it turned out like ass, so I might have to make a few before I settle. At this point, it looks like I will still have an overload of this Acrylic yarn left over. Shoot me now.

Re: my post about my job. I appreciate the bits of advice people offered. I agree with the simple majority of you in that it's not worth it to leave because my advancement opportunities have been postponed. The good news is that I had a meeting with my boss's boss, and he apologized quite a bit. Some of the other reps moving up had some other factors that came into play to help push them through a bit more quickly than usual. Apparently, he was unaware of the deadline (but admittedly didn't double-check) and claims to have sent it in just after the deadline. On the upside, I'm going to be "shadowing" during some trainings so that although I'm not currently qualified to officiate any of them, I'm sorta being the runner up? This actually adds no more responsibility to my position and doesn't actually help at all considering it just means I watch the trainer present, then I (and this is hilarious) immediately turn around and attend the next training session not as a "shadow" but as an employee attending a required training. LMAO So weird. But whatever. All in all, the meeting wasn't a complete loss, and it was almost worth it to see the guy practically groveling, but nothing significant was accomplished.

I think my natural charisma helps me out a lot. When I worked for Wal-Mart, I was young and crazy and dyed my hair blue (I was 19). When I walked in, my co-workers told me about another employee who actually did the same thing some months before. He was told to immediately go home. He was also instructed that he was to dye his hair a "natural" color or not come back. In a fit of defiance, he didn't come back. I just shrugged and pointed out to my fellow cashiers that nowhere in the appearance guidelines does it mention hair color. All it mentioned was attire, and that had to match your vest. Well, my hair (and my fingernails, by the way) matched perfectly the same blue. Not only did I not get chastised, but I had the *same managers* approach me to compliment me on my bold and fun choice. LOL Yes, I know that's not fair to my predecessor, but it was empowering to know that something about me made them see the same move differently. Much like a friend of mine in high school. We were both out. We both also got teased unfortunately, but he was also the victim of violence...getting beaten up and rarely getting a day off from the torment. Whereas I, essentially in the same boat, was only called names by a select few individuals. Never got beat up (after junior high, anyway), and even started to get moderately popular there near the end. I have no clue why.

Ooo...the day after one of our concerts when the really cute popular guy that sat in front of me in chemistry turned around and told me how great I was. "I didn't know you sang so well. I was surprised!" For the rest of Chem. class, I was like, "Delta what? Is this acid? Don't breathe in what fumes?" I'll say this (to continue to stray even further off topic)... As much as I would HATE to have to go back and relive those years, there would be one bonus: that feeling you got when that guy that "didn't know" you existed looked at you. It's not like that when you get older and you're not so fucking intense and crazy (oh god...the craziness of youth...fuuuuuuuuuuck). It's still marvelous, but it's different. But that feeling of your heart breaking your ribs was such a rush. But I would NEVER go back to 17 or even 18 just to feel that. HELL NO. LMAO

Now that I've sufficiently gotten off topic, I must get to bed.


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Okay...what's the Floobidy Hat? Did I miss an earlier post of yours?

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oops...just went and read your other alleged non-knitting post to see it's a hat of your own design.

Looking forward to seeing pictures!