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Here is the hat after being blocked. It is made with bBerroco Bonsai Bamboo yarn 97% Bamboo and 3 % Nylon, very slippery, but fun to work with. I am working on a new one and I may have a pattern for everyone who has been asking for one. It is a lot more time consuming lol! Thanks for stopping by!


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Looks great!

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Andy, That is really great. If you have the pattern to share, please include me in. Great work.

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Lovely hat Andy!

Very nice, you say you do have a pattern for this? I would love to have a copy if at all possible.

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Visit Crafty Andy's Blog I will be Creating the Pattern in the Next Month or so. I will be recreating the hat , reverse engineer it lol and sharing the pattern . It is my first attempt to create this kind of pattern. Thanks for the Interest , This time I will be using some of my fingering weight italian wool blend. Thanks for the motivation!

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Lovely hat.