Pain, Sleeves and My Landlord

I have been in great pain since Monday, somehow I hurt my Achilles tendon and so now I hobble around campus, trying to walk the least distance possible. I skipped a rather important class yesterday, as I was in too much pain to walk back to campus and go to it. I have been iceing and heating it and that has helped greatly, as has elevation, and plain not walking on it for most of the day. I woke this morning and was feeling fine walking a bit around my apartment, and was not in pain until I walked to dinner, and then to the computer lab where I am now (computer still broken.) Hopefully over the weekend I will recover fully, as there are many dance classes for me to attend, and the first ballroom dance in the Union is this next Friday, the 17th. I met my landlord yesterday, and he seems like a nice guy. He explained why he wants me out at the end of the month, and I do not begrudge him, but it still would be nice to not have to move. He will remodel my place rather quickly, and would rent it to me once it is done...but that still leaves several weeks where I do not have a home. I was very happy last night though, as several friends came over to see me because I could not go see them due to my crippled state. We watched the movie "Teeth"...which was startling to say the least, but very funny over all. My friend that I will likely be living with if I can not find somewhere else to crash asked me to make him a hat to replace one made for him by an ex-gf, so he chose some colors from my ever-increasing stash, and I will hopefully have another fair isle project started in a day or two. I finished the first sleeve of my sweater the other day, and am now working on the second. I have switched back to DPN as I do not have the correct size circulars to do the magic loop or double circular styles. I am quite a site walking around campus I am sure. I have a limp/hobble from my injury, singing along with headphones blasting music (mainly choral stuff at the moment,) and I am knitting on DPS as I walk. I may soon feel the need to wear my cloak and really scare all the little freshman. My question is though, how am I supposed to join the sleeves to the torso of my sweater. The instructions just say to put it on the needles and knit one row. I did so, and now I assume that I just weave the underarm hole shut? Is it really that simple?


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I have spent a bit trying to figure this one out. I am not sure what they mean by knitting a row. One way I was thinking you could do that would be to turn the sleeve and sweater inside out and putting the sleeve into the opening in the sweater. Then do a 3 needle bind off like you would with the shoulder. You would basically knit one row by going through both the sleeve and the body then after doing two stitches you would do a cast off. If you can't figure out what i mean try

good luck

If you bound off some stitches where under the arm would be on both the sweater and the sleeve, then yes, it is that simple. You just join the two bits together.

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As always the people here are a great help. I have it on now, and will have the other sleeve done soon.

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Assuming you're doing a seamless construction, you actually don't want to cast off the underarm stitches. They should be kept live on a piece of scrap yarn and then grafted (kitchener stitch) once you're finished with the rest of the sweater. It's fairly easy to do, and eliminates the bulk you would have trying to seam two cast-off edges together.

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