Finished Objects & Jason's sweater

Travis returned from South America...ill as all hell. Yuck. At least I have my camera back and can snap some quick (albeit shitty) photos of my last few finished projects. In a coincidence, I also got Jason's sweater in the mail, and it looks even better in person than in the photo. It's a little baggy (which I like), but Travis made fun of me for asking for it to be a bit baggy since I just purged my wardrobe of such items. (I had a button-up that he and all my friends called a kite...!) The really fun thing, though, is that it's not super baggy, AND the sleeves' length and cuffs and the neck line are PERFECT fits. That, to me, is fun if for no other reason than buying a fun, even slightly baggy sweater gets you longer-than-needed sleeves, baggy cuffs, and a floopy neckline that makes you look frumpy. So having something tailored is a new and very welcome change. I will take a picture when Travis is feeling better. I tried taking a few snaps, but they turned out really horrible, out of focus, and just plain crappy. Plus, it is like, 85 degrees and steamy out here right now, and even wearing it for five minutes was a bit stifling. I will be posting pics soon.

The item in this post is one of the two items I knitted as a "thank you" to Jason for the sweater. It is a knitted replica of the flag of the city of Amsterdam, which I am to understand is where Jason lives. It is (obviously) an original design. I love it except for just a couple of spots on the Xs that piss me off. I could have done better, but I suppose I should just be excited that I created the pattern and still pulled it off. More FOs to come.