Irish Hiking Scarf

I've finished knitting the first of two hanks I dyed a few weeks back. I did a total of four, two at a time. The first two the color was even and a richer brown. The two I'm using for the Hiking Scarf dyed unevenly and had some green hues. The true color is a khaki (is it British khaki that is greenish in color).

Anyway I looked for a project that would forgive some of the color variation and I think I found it in the Irish Hiking Scarf. I actually really like this project because of the color variation. The color gives it more of a rustic look I think. Anyway, here is a picture of half of the scarf. You can see the color variation pretty well in it. In real life it's also pretty subtle but noticeable.


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I think you're right...The natural dye variation suits the scarf...makes it look heirloom. FYI, in future, there is a way to blend two not quite matching yarns that just ends up in a uniform rich fabric...send me a private if you want to know how...

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Lovely cable work.

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Looks very nice and the yarn is beautiful!

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Very nice, I really like the color.



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That looks great, I shall seek out a similarly uneven yarn (or something), when I get to that scarf (4 projects down the line), because that is really awesome.

Doing this would be better with tweed.