Knit or crochet hooded baby bath blanket

I'm looking for an easy (ie fast) pattern for a baby hooded bath blanket. Any ideas?


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Crafty Andy recently knit a nice one based on the popular "Grandma's Favorite Dishcloth". Ask him about it... I think he's sharing the pattern for free, but I'm not certain.

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The one I am offering is a Hooded Bath Wrap Based on a Garter Stitch , I have no Idea what the Grandma 's Favorite Dishcloth was until today lol! I went and saw it and it is very similar to my Wrap. Today is the first time I have seen the Dishcloth, and the dishcloth may be turned into a washcloth which will be a great companion to the wrap! I would just do an I-Cord Edge to make it look more like the Wrap! Here is the Link for the wrap BABY BATH WRAP PATTERN