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Dudes: What up? So, a friend of mine just had a birthday and I offered to make him a scarf and mittens. I was thinking of something in two colours, maybe fair isle. However, his colour choice is throwing me off a bit. He wants one colour to be purple, a nice eggplant purple. Then he said, "surprise me with the other colour." Okay, here is my confession. I don't know how to match colours. Yes....I'm a gay guy who doesn't get colours. Hell, I even had to hire a decorator for my house. Anyway, does anyone have a good suggestion for something to add to the eggplant? Also, who makes a good eggplant colour?



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Go with nature and use a nice dark green. I grow Eggplant here in the UK; we call it Aubergine. The plant itself has wonderful Dark Green leaves and the fruit dangle underneath.
The other way to solve the problem is look up a colour wheel. Find the nice eggplant purple you are going to use and then look at the colours either side of it. These colours will complement the eggplant purple and be both sympathetic and subtle. If on the other hand you wish to make a statement then look to the colour diametrically opposite the eggplant purple, this opposite colour will clash and make the whole ensemble 'Pop' in a good way.

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The color wheel suggestion is an excellent one. If I were to do choose I would go with tan or gold.



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I second the green option. Greens and purples look wonderful together.

A blue could also be nice...

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I googled. Other combinations that are suggested for decorating schemes :

eggplant and eggshell or bone

eggplant and gold

eggplant and black

and Aubergine with Burgandy

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I would actually recommend a nice saturated steel blue color (almost like a silvery blue.... the lightest blue color in this butterfly: )

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Jaxom's earlier post suggesting a colour wheel is a great one, and there's a superb on-line colour wheel called "Kuler" from Adobe at I think that the application is intended for web designers, but the principles of colour work regardless of the medium you'll be using.

To get started, open the site and click on "create" (left-hand side) to get to the colour wheel then "select a rule" to choose one of the different ways of combining colours using tried-and-tested principles. You can play about with it as much as you like to see the range of possibilities. The site also has loads of pre-made colour combinations you can check-out.

Best of luck with your project.

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Boring old me says beige, but then again, I'm color-challenged too. Used to work in a restaurant and people would ask,"What goes with (fill in the blank...roast beef, macaroni and cheese, fish, pork chop, etc.) Invariably my answer would be, "Green Beans....they're like pearls....they go with anything." I feel the same about beige. Then again, vibrancy isn't my strong point.

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I suggest a nuetral. I'm not sure about your friends style, but personally I think putting another strong color with purple would be too feminine for a man. So I would say a nice silvery grey. Maybe a
and argyle esque design would be lovely.


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A warm grey, like cascade 2441 or 2442. It's actually a neutral complimentary color, should set off the eggplant yet stand on it's own.....

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I knew you guys would set me on the correct path. Thanks a ton.


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Me personally, I'd go with something in the orange realm. Depending on how dark the aubergine is, you could go warm with a burnt orange or brighter to create some neat contrast.

(purple and orange are my favorites to use in my home together)