Rhinebeck Bound!

We leave this evening so that we can set up our booth tomorrow. If you're going to be there, come look for us in Barn 31. If you've come seen us in years past, please note that this is a different barn from the one we were in previously (Barn 39 - which is where Franklin will be signing copies of his book on Saturday).

There is an "interactive" map (which isn't really interactive at all) on the festival website. The direct link to it is here.


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I'll see you on Saturday!

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I was really hoping to make it to Rhinebeck this year - but the car needs brakes serviced and saturday is the only day I can get it done; and after paying for that I probably won't have enough cash to go sunday.

maybe next year.

MMario - I'm not divorced from reality - we're having a trial separation

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