Felted Candy Corn Bags

Here are a couple of bags I made for my niece/nephew for Halloween. They knit up quickly and are great fun to make and to share with others.


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OMG How cute are those!!???!!!!!!!

Make ME want to go trick-or-treat-ing

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Here's a link to the pattern (scoll down to the "needle knit" link.) You can have one made in time for Halloween night!


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Great little bag. I downloaded the pattern. Hope to get at least one made.

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It took me longer to shop for the yarn than it did to make the bag. Orange and yellow yarn is scarce this time of year and I ended up ordering it from Yarn Exchange. I made one bag last Saturday-- that's how fast they knit up. Let me know if you get one made and please share the pic with us.

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Those are awesome. I'm so making some of these.

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Those are tooooo cute!